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Welcome to the Front Arena User Group

Objectives and structure of the AUG

  • Providing a platform for customers of Front Arena to meet other customers, exchange information, and consolidate common requirements 
  • Furthering the user knowledge base around the system?s strengths and weaknesses 
  • Collection & prioritisation of required system extensions and user influence on the future development pipeline 
  • Providing a point of contact for the system vendor SunGard to discuss product development and planning, and to present new developments to its regional customer base 

The Arena User Group (AUG) is a working group of European financial institutions (banks, asset managers, etc) using the trading and risk management system Front Arena in their operations.

There are over 30 member institutions with over 2000 users, organised in the AUG. The circle of members comprises customers from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The user group is independent of the system vendor SunGard. It is limited to financial institutions using Front Arena, and membership is free. If you are interested in your institution joining the AUG, i.e. if you are an licensee of Front Arena and not registered yet, please enter the registration site to become a member of the AUG.